Assistant Registrar/Counselor – Regional Campus

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0649-9086
Job Family: ASR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 535


Under the general direction of designated administrator, and in cooperation with appropriate University officials, is responsible for the registration, academic counseling and student affairs activities at a regional campus.


  1. Coordinates and supervises the registration of student enrolled at a regional campus, including freshmen, transfers, unclassified, evening and other special category students.
  2. Schedules classes and final examinations, with responsibility to balance available space with curriculum needs.
  3. Advises students in matters relating to registration, transfer and permanent record.
  4. Collects pertinent student data, verifies for accuracy and completeness and assures information is properly transmitted to the University Registrar’s office for entry into the permanent academic records.
  5. Interprets registration and other University policies and procedures; serves as a resource to students and others regarding University programs and services; makes referrals as needed.
  6. Coordinates procedures and registration for students transferring to Storrs.
  7. Evaluates registration and related procedures and makes recommendations for changes and improvements.
  8. Supervises the maintenance of registration records for regional campus use.
  9. Supervises the collection of grades, verifies accuracy and makes corrections, as needed.
  10. Actively assist in recruiting and admitting students; serves as a resource to prospective students and others regarding admissions policies and procedures.
  11. Oversees student conduct and discipline committees and enforces conduct code and regulations; serves on scholarship committees and/or other committees which grant leaves of absence and which determine scholastic probation, dismissal and re-admission.
  12. Advises students regarding course selection, curricula/graduation requirements and counsels students regarding withdrawal, leaves of absence and other academic problems.
  13. Coordinates financial aid matters and assists students with financial aid problems.
  14. Coordinates and administers placement tests.
  15. Advises Associated Student Government and serves as activities coordinator.
  16. Oversees publication and revision of regional campus catalogue, brochure and other related publications.
  17. Supervises and trains clerical/student staff who assist in student affairs activities.
  18. Compiles statistics and prepares reports as needed
  19. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in student personnel or counseling
  2. One or two years experience in student personnel work
  3. Familiarity with University policies and procedures
  4. Ability to establish rapport with students and effective working relationships with faculty and staff.
  5. Demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment in counseling, advising and disciplining students.
  6. Good organizational skills
  7. Ability to pay attention to detail.


  1. Master’s degree in student personnel or counseling

Date Created: 6/28/85
Date Revised: 9/17/99