Assistant Scheduling Officer

Payroll Title: UCP III
Class Code: 0313-9083
Job Family: ASR
FLSA Code: N
Score: 434


Under the general supervision of designated supervisor and in close cooperation with the academic departments, provides assistance with the scheduling and registration functions of the University’s scheduling office.


  1. Serves as an authoritative information source to faculty, administration, students, parents and others regarding registration and scheduling policies and procedures.
  2. Coordinates and reviews current and upcoming master schedules for both course and classroom assignments as well as final exam schedules.
  3. Independently identifies scheduling and registration problems and follows-up to resolve them; assists at “problem” desk at arena registration.
  4. Monitors registration for each term, enters data into computer and solves related data processing problems.
  5. Is responsible for the accuracy of instructor information on class lists, grade sheets and various other reports; verifies the accuracy of final room and class schedules.
  6. Analyzes, troubleshoots and resolves conflicts with scheduling and registration data; enters data into existing mainframe computer programs.
  7. Prepares and distributes master schedule information for time-critical mailings to faculty and departments.
  8. Communicates with Office of Facilities to assure that both day and evening classrooms are available for occupation at appropriate times.
  9. Oversees the daily activities of a few student and clerical workers.
  10. Evaluates data processing reports and recommends changes in both content and format.
  11. Keeps abreast of new data processing system developments and changes; and informs and instructs staff members as needed.
  12. Hires and processes paperwork for 25-30 student workers including foreign students and 15-20 University helpers, each semester.
  13. Heavily involved in low volume “on-line” registration for the upcoming semester; especially during the summer and winter breaks.
  14. Identifies and resolves registration problems generated from “Thesis” reports.  Notifies students of problems with their registration, which they need to address.
  15. With Associate Scheduling Officer working more than 1/2 time on touch-tone Telephone Registration implementation assumed more of the responsibilities of that position (e.g. upkeep of Footnote File, coordinating workflow, particularly paper flow to the Computer Center).
  16. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelors degree in appropriate field, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  2. General knowledge of administrative organization and academic regulations.
  3. Good organizational and interpersonal skills.
  4. Ability to pay attention to detail, work within deadlines and make decisions.
  5. Familiarity with electronic data processing.
  6. Ability to establish rapport with students and parents and to maintain effective working relationships with faculty and staff.

Date Revised: 08/98