Associate Director – Admissions

Payroll Title: UCP IX
Class Code: 0939-9089
Job Family: ASR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 667


Under the general direction of the Director of Admissions and Orientation Services, and within established guidelines, supervises and coordinates the work of admitting students to the University and oversees the work of all professional and support staff involved in admitting students to the University.


  1. Assists director in developing, evaluating, interpreting and enforcing admissions policies, procedures and strategies applicable to the area of responsibility and serves as an authoritative source of such information.  Possesses direct authority to make or approve decisions which may establish or alter policies, procedures or operations.
  2. Represents the director in designated instances.  Advises the director on the complex range of department matters and activities and the short/long term effect of policy changes; assists director in developing both a comprehensive marketing plan and recruitment strategy.
  3. Hires, trains, supervises and evaluates both the administrative and classified support staff in the implementation of assigned area of responsibility.  Trains and provides ongoing supervision and guidance to assigned staff; assists in staff selection and evaluation, determines work assignments and work schedules.
  4. Responds to written, telephone and personal inquiries for information; interprets and explains admissions policies and procedures; answers questions about University programs and requirements and campus life; makes referrals to other University offices as necessary.
  5. Develops aggressive recruitment policies which lead to greater outreach efforts; expands collaborative efforts in the recruitment of minority students.
  6. Advises the Director of Admissions and University officials of the current trends and changing demographics, locally and regionally, as they may affect and impact student admissions in enrollment management negotiations.
  7. Counsels and guides applicants regarding academic programs and requirements, eligibility and options, with special responsibility for those denied admission and with continuing responsibility for counseling those admitted.
  8. Serves as coordinator and admissions liaison with assigned university programs and departments; has final authority in admissions decisions of recruited students in assigned departments; responsible for the ultimate decision on all high-risk students.
  9. Prepares studies, reports and recommendations for Director, as needed.
  10. Performs special assignments, as needed.
  11. Plans and organizes special informational programs to promote the University and explain its admission policies, procedures and programs.
  12. May assume responsibility for overall Admissions Office in the absence of Director.
  13. Prepares and/or revises informational and promotional materials and forms.
  14. Participates in various committees and advisory groups.
  15. Supervises the maintenance of files, records and catalog library.
  16. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree
  2. At least five years admissions experience.
  3. Demonstrated ability to work under pressure and make independent decisions.
  4. Supervisory ability
  5. Familiarity with on-line computer systems


Date Created: 05/15/1985
Date Revised: 10/05/94