Associate Director – Budget

Payroll Title: UCP X
Class Code: 1030-9090
Job Family: FIS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 716


Under the general direction of the Budget Director, assists in all aspects of managing the Budget Office and managing the daily activities of the University budget, ensuring compliance with policies, procedures, regulations and statutes. Specifically responsible for working with the Provost’s Office in the development, coordination and monitoring of the University’s Academic Budget. Technically responsible for the coordination and preparation of the Department of Higher Education and Office of Policy and Management budget submissions.


  1. Assists the Budget Director in managing and evaluating the overall planning and coordination of the Budget Office to assure compliance with sound budgeting/accounting standards and practice and with applicable policies, regulations and laws; may develop and institute fiscal or budgetary policy and procedure changes.
  2. Manages the day-to-day operations of the office, directing professional staff that are responsible for budgets, financial administration and reporting of University funds; establishes work priorities/ workflow and resolves management or personnel issues. Provides training, support and guidance for office staff and evaluates job performance.
  3. Oversees and supervises staff involved with all phases of financial analysis and budgeting, including the preparation of quarterly/monthly financial performance measures regarding revenue and expenditures.
  4. Biennially, coordinates the preparation of the University’s agency budget for the Department of Higher Education and Office of Policy and Management.
  5. Specifically responsible for working with the Provost’s Office in the development, coordination and monitoring of the University’s Academic Budget.
  6. Serves as a resource to budget staff, university departments and others in interpreting budgeting/accounting policies, regulations and state statutes. Also responds to questions concerning state and university policy and procedures.
  7. Regularly meets with Assistant Vice Provost to resolve various academic related financial issues that impact the University’s budget.
  8. Regularly meets with the Controller and Accounting’s Director and Assistant to share information and work toward resolving financial issues.
  9. Regularly interacts with personnel from the Office of the Provost, Controller’s Office, Accounting, Cost Analysis, Payroll and Office of Sponsored Programs concerning issues as they impact the University’s budget.
  10. Regularly communicates with the Department of Higher Education, Office of Policy and Management and Office of Fiscal Analysis concerning issues that impact the University’s budget.
  11. Identifies and provides closure on technical financial issues, accounting/budget system issues, budget departmental issues, and University budget issues. Prepares or supervises the preparation of comprehensive reports and analyses as needed in decision making or to advise University offices.
  12. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in Business (or related field) or similar qualifications.
  2. Ten or more years of progressively responsible budget/financial experience, preferably in a public environment with a proven record of advanced financial skills
  3. Comprehensive knowledge of sound financial management and budgeting practices and principles: with proven ability to work independently in analyzing and resolving complex financial problems
  4. Thorough knowledge of higher education, state, and federal regulations governing revenue, expenditures, bond funds, and debt service
  5. Ability to develop accounting/budgeting policies and priorities within established guidelines and manage and evaluate accounting/budgeting projects
  6. Ability to supervise office staff and coordinate projects
  7. Knowledge of computer financial reporting systems and computer applications such as Brio, Focus, Word and Excel
  8. Excellent written and oral communications skills with proven ability to effectively communicate with all levels of management, government and financial officials, and public constituents


  1. Five or more years of state/government accounting experience

Date Created: 05/05/02
Date Revised: 08/22/05