Associate Director of Enrollment/Outreach – Stamford

Payroll Title: UCP X
Class Code: 1032-9090
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 730


Under the administrative review of the Associate Vice Provost (AVP) of the Stamford campus, serves as the designated representative for enrollment activities, registration services, campus bursar, admissions office, events department and off-campus housing.  Incumbent is also responsible for overseeing enrollment management and registration functions at the Stamford campus.


Incumbent will be engaged in long-range planning and development of outreach efforts to enhance recruitment and increase enrollment at the Stamford campus.  Responsibilities also include full charge of support staff.


  1. Assists Associate Vice Provost in the development, evaluation, interpretation and enforcement of enrollment management and admissions policies, procedures and strategies applicable to Stamford campus.  In consultation with the Regional Associate Vice Provosts or their designee, possesses the authority to make or approve decisions which may establish or alter enrollment policies, procedures or operations at the Stamford Campus.
  2. Coordinates all enrollment management functions including Admissions, Financial Aid, Bursar, Registrar and Orientation Services.
  3. Assists Associate Vice Provost in the development of outreach programs to enhance recruitment. Responsible for management of programs with corporate and/or non-profit organizations, including K-12 programs and UConn PREP program, in areas surrounding Stamford campus in order to increase campus visibility within the respective communities.
  4. Identifies and implements Stamford campus strategies and goals.  Works closely with Associate Vice Provost to clarify and promote the role of Stamford Campus in university-wide enrollment management initiatives.
  5. Develops informational and promotional materials and identifies opportunities to enhance visibility of Stamford campus through improved communication and promotional programs which may include written materials and online communication strategies.
  6. Acts as liaison to Associate Director of Transfer Admissions.
  7. Manages the Department of Enrollment and Registration Services including hiring, training, supervising and evaluating professional and clerical staff.  Determines work assignments and goals and provides ongoing supervision and guidance to assigned staff.
  8. Responsible for ensuring all courses are offered that are required for completion of major and/or degree requirements.  Works with faculty and academic departments including Center for Continuing Studies to determine needed courses for summer and special sessions; assists in identifying appropriate full-time and adjunct faculty to teach courses.
  9. Serves as chief registration officer making decisions pertaining to registration policies and procedures; serves as liaison with Registrar’s Office at the Storrs Campus.
  10. Manages the operations of the Admissions Office as well as establishes yearly admission goals for freshman and transfers students.
  11. Plans and implements the development of an off-campus housing office to be utilized by Stamford campus students, faculty and staff.  Develops and manages off-campus housing program.
  12. Manages operations of the Events Department including providing leadership, supervision and direction to staff.
  13. Develops and maintains campus alumni programs, including working closely with the University Alumni Association.
  14. Evaluates assigned programs and services and makes changes as necessary.
  15. Participates in and/or chairs various committees and advisory groups.
  16. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree and five to ten years experience in enrollment management and/or admissions.
  2. Demonstrated ability to identify and resolve complex problems efficiently, effectively and independently.
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills, with demonstrated ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, students and all levels of University administrators, as well as external agencies/groups and the public.
  4. Possesses working knowledge of enrollment and admissions initiatives specific to the regional campus.

Scored: 09/17/04
Revised: 06/30/08