Associate Scheduling Officer

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0444-9084
Job Family: ASR
FLSA Code: N
Score: 458


Under the general supervision of a designated supervisor and in close cooperation with academic departments provides assistance with the scheduling and registration functions of the University’s scheduling office and processes and maintains all computer related operations for the Scheduling Office.


  1. Revises, processes and analyses all data changes to the master course and section schedule for three semesters simultaneously, in order to produce an accurate master schedule and directory of classes.
  2. Responsible for the daily computer schedule of the Scheduling Office.
  3. Represents Scheduling Office for the planning, development and implementation of a touch-tone telephone registration system for the University.
  4. Shares responsibility for registration for each term enters data into computer and solves related data processing problems.
  5. Maintains an accurate computerized prioritized scheduling system, footnote file, master schedule file and master schedule file related reports via computer terminal using FOCUS, CMS and CICS.
  6. Revises and processes data changes; analyses and solves data processing problems regarding historical course file records maintained in the computer.
  7. Is responsible for the accuracy of instructor information on class lists, grade sheets and various other reports.
  8. Coordinates work flow in Scheduling Office and help supervise office staff and approximately 50 student/clerical helpers during periods of arena registration.
  9. Is responsible for the accuracy of instructor information on class lists, grade sheets and various other reports.
  10. Analyses and solves non-routine scheduling and data processing problems.
  11. Information source of new data processing system developments and changes; informs and instructs staff faculty, administrators and branches, as required.
  12. Evaluates data processing reports and recommends changes in both content and format.
  13. Performs the duties of the Scheduling Officer in his/her absence.
  14. Revises the daily computer schedule in the Systems Administrator’s absence.
  15. Serves as the liaison with computer center, academic department, regional campuses, Continuing Education, Office of Facilities, Activities Office, Graduate School Office of Institutional Research, Bursar and Student Affairs.
  16. Serves as an authoritative information source to students and others regarding registration and procedures and new system development.
  17. Responsible for the design of the “Directory of Classes” covers.
  18. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in appropriate field
  2. Two years’ experience in academic registration and scheduling
  3. Data processing skills
  4. General knowledge of administrative organization and academic regulations
  5. Good organizational and analytical skills
  6. Ability to pay attention to detail
  7. Ability to establish rapport with students and effective working relationships with faculty and staff.
  8. Supervisory ability.


  1. Knowledge of CMS, FOCUS and XEDIT

Date Scored: 12/18/1991