Athletics Equipment Manager

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0445-9084
Job Family: FAC
FLSA Code: E
Score: 473


Under the general supervision of a designated supervisor, assists in all aspects of athletic equipment used in intercollegiate and recreational athletics.


  1. Assists in overseeing assigned staff working in equipment and laundry room and at athletic events.
  2. Maintains records of all equipment and controls inventory.
  3. Assists in and makes recommendations on the purchasing athletic equipment and uniforms in accordance with needs of coaches, teams and recreational programs.  May write specifications and initiate purchase orders.
  4. Accountable for home game equipment room coverage.
  5. As assigned, acts as a liaison on all equipment related matters to various athletic teams.
  6. Keeps informed regarding available merchandise and current prices through contact with salesmen and vendors.
  7. Issues equipment and uniforms to athletic teams, coaches and students and accounts for return and condition of equipment.
  8. Provides special equipment for televised events to meet needs of television crew.
  9. Investigates feasibility and cost of major repairs, renovations and/or additions and advises department accordingly.
  10. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in appropriate field OR equivalent combination of training and experience.
  2. AEMA certified or certified eligible.
  3. Knowledge of all types of athletic equipment and its proper use.
  4. Knowledge of OSHA standards for blood-borne pathogens.
  5. Supervisory ability and ability to keep detailed records.
  6. Willingness to work irregular hours and weekends.

Date Revised: 10/01