Box Office Manager

Payroll Title: UCP I
Class Code: 0105-9081
Job Family: ADM
FLSA Code: N
Score: 350


Under the supervision of designated supervisor, manages a box office operation for a large activity center or performing arts center.


  1. Sells and/or supervises the sale of tickets for all auditorium events.
  2. Accounts for all ticket sales in accordance with University rules and regulations, utilizing sound accounting practices.
  3. Reconciles ticket office statements and verifies cash funds.
  4. Prepares daily and weekly summary financial statements for all events.
  5. Makes all routine decisions for Box Office.
  6. Implement policies and procedures established by auditorium administrations; recommends changes as appropriate.
  7. Trains and supervises Box Office personnel.
  8. Prepares ticket bid specifications for submission to purchasing.
  9. Maintains Box Office hours during weekday and evening hours.
  10. Maintains record of all auditorium subscribers and keeps up-to-date seating charts.
  11. Maintains good public relations with patrons.
  12. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Associates degree in accounting, business or related field.
  2. Two to three years experience in accounting procedures.
  3. Good human relations skills.
  4. Willingness to work irregular and flexible hours.

Date Created: 5/23/84