Budget Analyst II

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0754-9087
Job Family: FIS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 571


Under the general direction of the Director, is responsible for assisting in the preparation of the University’s annual budget document; for establishing proper budget controls and for maintaining, generating and analyzing financial data for decision-making and planning by key University administrators.


  1. Is responsible for preparing monthly computer-generated financial reports, which serve to inform university officials of expenditures and allotments for Tuition and General Fund accounts, with responsibility for the accuracy of such reports.


    • Schedule of Allotments – by Vice President
    • Schedule of Allotments and Expenditures by Type of Expenditure
    • schedule of Unallocated Funds
    • summary of Allotments and Expenditures for Payroll and Energy for the General Fund and a Cash Flow Projection for Tuition Fund
    • Periodic Financial Reports as Requested for Academic Departments.
  2. Prepares monthly and quarterly computer-generated accounting reports for various State agencies, including the Office of Policy and Management, Department of Higher Education and Office of Fiscal Analysis.
  3. Maintains a computerized budgetary allotment accounting system, including monthly reconciliations with the official University accounting records, requiring the ability to write complex computer programs for record keeping and report generating purposes.
  4. Assists the Director in controlling General and Tuition Fund expenditures through analysis of accounting and consultation with department officials.
  5. Analyses the monthly accounting transaction error listing reports and prepares correcting journal entries.
  6. Develops financial information for costing collective bargaining proposals and prepares fiscal impact statements.
  7. Records and processes departmental requests for overtime funds.
  8. Monitors and updates all current computer programs designed to account for the budgetary allotment system; develops new programs as requested.
  9. Assists in preparing the University General Fund and Tuition Fund budgets for review by various State agencies.
  10. Assists in preparing the University’s General Fund and Tuition Fund and Tuition Fund Budgets
  11. Including analysis of individual department budgets for allotment adjustments as needed.
  12. Serves as a resource to University departments and administrators regarding financial data and proper budget procedures and practices and resolves related problems.
  13. Serves as a resource to department staff to resolve problems and provide technical assistance and advice.
  14. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field, or equivalent experience and training
  2. Three to four years experience in budgeting, accounting or related area.
  3. Strong budget and accounting analytical skills
  4. Ability to solve complex budgeting and accounting problems.
  5. Knowledge of fund accounting and budget principles
  6. Good communication skills


  1. Ability to design and write computer programs for budgetary purposes.

Date Created: 2/13/85