Bursar – Regional Campus

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0402-9084
Job Family: FIS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 458


Under the general direction of a Regional Campus Director, is responsible for receiving, recording, and depositing all monies collected at a regional campus, according to established policy, and assists in the registration of students.


  1. Collects, records, and deposits all student fees and other monies due the regional campus, such as lab fees and cafeteria receipts.
  2. Accounts for all monies received and reconciles accounts.
  3. Prepares, assures accuracy of and issues student fee bills.
  4. Maintains bank account and accurate records of transactions in keeping with sound accounting procedures and informs university Bursar of status of accounts and actions taken.
  5. Supervises clerical/student staff as needed.
  6. Conducts registration for summer students and for non-degree students.
  7. Issues all refunds of students’ fees, as appropriate.
  8. Collects and accounts for defaulted checks.
  9. Receives and issues all student awards, scholarships and loans.
  10. Develops procedures for financial transactions and makes changes as necessary.
  11. Keeps informed of University and State regulations governing financial transactions.
  12. Maintains and controls petty cash.
  13. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration or related field
  2. Knowledge of methods and techniques required in collecting and accounting for money
  3. Knowledge of statutes and regulations governing financial control of University

Date Created: 6/28/85