Business Consultant

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0725-9087
Job Family: EDU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 567


Under the general direction of designated administrator, provides management, financial and general counseling and training programs to owners of small businesses, in assigned geographic location.


  1. Provides in-depth counseling and recommends course of action to owners of small businesses or to those about to start a business, in such areas as management techniques, presentation of financial material, evaluation of current financial condition, and marketing products/services.
  2. Plans, coordinates and evaluates success of training programs designed to assist clients with problems or to inform clients about changes or current developments in regulations/laws or conditions that may affect their business.
  3. Conducts and/or supervises on-site administration of training programs, and makes all necessary arrangements for training programs including locating facilities, training materials or equipment, and follows up to assure stated schedules and commitments are met.
  4. Arranges for hiring qualifies instructors/speakers for training program, or, on occasion, conducts program.
  5. Performs necessary administrative duties such as correspondence and reports, including progress and summary reports.
  6. Maintains close contact with business community and governmental agencies/legislators to assess clients needs and to keep informed of general business conditions and changes in regulations/laws affecting small business.
  7. Assists with promotional activities such as advertising, brochures, mailings designed to publicize programs/services.
  8. May assume full responsibility to write, edit and produce regular periodic publications and catalogues of events and courses in lieu of some training activities.
  9. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in business-related field
  2. At least five years hands-on experience running a business, with specific experience in general management.
  3. Ability to work independently.
  4. Ability to plan, conduct and market training programs.
  5. Ability to assess business problems and recommend solutions.
  6. Willingness to work flexible hours and travel.


  1. Prior experience as business consultant

Date Created: 6/28/85