Campus Registrar

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0784-9087
Job Family: ASR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 566


Under the general direction of designated administrator and in cooperation with the University Registrar, is responsible for the registration activities of a regional campus as well as a variety of other programs consolidated at the campus; provides other support activities as appropriate or as assigned.


  1. Establishes and monitors the regional campus registrar’s office budget.
  2. Manages the operation of a consolidated registrar’s office which serves the regional campus.
  3. Recruits, trains, supervises and evaluates professional, clerical and student staff engaged in office functions; assigns and reviews work and coordinates work flow; recommends staffing needs.
  4. Develops, implements and coordinates operational systems and procedures to implement established policy and makes changes as needed.
  5. Organizes and supervises registration activities and the records for such activities, including the preparation and distribution of registration materials to students; advises appropriate administrators of potential course enrollment problems.
  6. Monitors changes in University and School/college/program regulations and policies pertaining to registration; modifies operating procedures accordingly; informs faculty, staff and students of such changes.
  7. Monitors confidential matters.
  8. Maintains good working relationships with faculty, staff, students and the university community.
  9. Responsible for monitoring, updating and correcting academic records of former and present students
  10. Supervises the collection, processing and distribution of grades; transcript requests, and other forms and letters that verify student enrollment status; and also certifies of attendance for programs as delegated.
  11. Serves as a resource to students, faculty and others regarding registration policies and procedures, and permanent records.
  12. Coordinates registration with appropriate academic and fiscal administrators.
  13. Is responsible for the scheduling of classes and exams.
  14. Edits catalog copy and other publications areas pertaining to the Registrar’s Office, e.g., the calendar and registration instructions.
  15. Corresponds with various University offices concerning registration procedures, degree conferral, and related matters.
  16. Compiles and analyzes data and prepares reports as required, including enrollment reports to verify student status; maintains historical file of such reports.
  17. Monitors preparation and revision of class lists.
  18. Serves on various campus-wide committees, e.g., Affirmative Action Committee, Student Affairs Committee, and the Registrar’s Committee.  These committees monitor employment practices, scholarship awards, dismissals and readmission, as well as plan registration activities.
  19. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in related field
  2. Two years experience in a registrar’s office in a supervisory capacity.
  3. Familiarity with integrated student information systems and computer skills.
  4. Basic knowledge of statistics
  5. Excellent organizational and supervisory skills
  6. Demonstrated communication skills
  7. Knowledge of registration functions
  8. Ability to establish effective working relationships with faculty, staff and students.
  9. Ability to exercise sound judgment in working with supervisors, staff and students.


  1. Master’s degree

Date Created: 11/4/87
Date Revised: 9/17/99