Career Resources Center Coordinator

Payroll Title: UCP V
Class Code: 0539-9085
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 506


Manages Career Resource Center, formulates and implements policies and procedures for on-site operations and outreach programs to University community and the public.  Supervises professional staff, student workers and interns.


  1. Full responsibility for the Career Resource Center services to students, faculty and the public.  Determines collection of materials by researching and assessing changes and developments in job market and by awareness of curriculum changes.  From this input, make decisions regarding what materials are needed, search out sources, and acquire new resources.
  2. Establish and administer physical and computer systems for cataloguing, displaying, updating and controlling usage of resources.
  3. Decide on acquisitions and prioritize choices with responsibility for maintaining expenditures within the allotted budget.
  4. Recruit, select, train, supervise and evaluate professional and/or clerical assistant, student workers, and interns; manage workflow of the unit.
  5. Analyze changes, new developments and trends in all segments of society based on extensive research; select facts and statistics relevant to curriculum and career developments; present distilled information in easily assimilated formats to students, faculty and staff.
  6. Initiate, develop and maintain working relationships with academic departments by meeting with faculty, writing and editing newsletters, writing brochures and bibliographies, making oral presentations to their classes.
  7. Serve as consultant to faculty, staff and State agencies seeking information and advice not available elsewhere.
  8. Advise and assist the faculty in developing and implementing programs to be offered to students within their academic departments.
  9. Initiate job development projects and maintain extensive correspondence with business, government and non-profit sector employers throughout the country.
  10. Develop and maintain contacts with national and international organizations and employers that can offer experiential programs to students; secure best information available and instruct students in effective procedures.
  11. Counsel, advise and provide information to students to enable them to set goals, do career research, utilize resources on and off campus, and make decisions.
  12. Design and teach seminars and workshops on campus for students; off campus for professionals in regional and national organizations.
  13. Conduct staff development sessions based on research of employment trends and new resources.
  14. Recruit and select students for Student Advisory Committee and train them in organizational procedures and leadership.  Direct their group activities and projects.


  1. Master’s degree in Information Management and Counseling
  2. Extensive experience in information selection, management, and personnel/higher education administration including two to four years of supervisory experience.
  3. Extensive knowledge and understanding of academic disciplines; student and career development; organizational structures and employment functions within the world of work.

Date Created: 6/28/85