College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources

College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources serves Connecticut through a wide variety of research, outreach education, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. As the original component of Connecticut's land-grant university, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has as its primary mission education based on research, conducted in laboratories and in the field, that focuses on agriculture, the environment, food, families, and quality of life.

The College provides high-quality, broad-based, relevant educational opportunities that prepare graduates to address the challenges of life today; it expands the frontiers of knowledge through research; and it enhances economic opportunities and quality of life for people of Connecticut and beyond.
Current Openings

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources
Allied Health Sciences
Animal Science
Natural Resources and the Environment
Nutritional Sciences
Pathobiology and Veterinary Science
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
UConn Extension