Environmental Compliance Professional

Payroll Title: UCP IX
Class Code: 0954-09089
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 664


The Environmental Compliance Professional oversees environmental studies and projects, and handles the more complex, technically difficult programs, issues, or policies associated with University projects that impact the environment.  The Environmental Compliance Project Specialist has more autonomy in structuring work and is capable of recognizing and dealing with a broader perspective than the base level.  The incumbent in this position may lead interns and/or other staff and may act as project manager for environmental studies and compliance aspects essential to the success of major University projects and operational activities.


  1. Represents the department/Director to all levels of University officials, outside agencies and others.  Serves as a designee/delegate for the Director as requested.
  2. Plans and performs daily activities with the purpose of assuring University compliance with regulatory requirements and obtaining and maintaining valid permits for regulated activities, such as: water discharges, air emissions, including Title V and New Source Review, flood management certifications, inland wetlands disturbances, storm water management, site remediation, and land use.
  3. Within area of environmental expertise, coordinates with University staff and manages environmental services contractors to prepare or evaluate the preparation of draft reports, plans, applications and other submittals for final review and approval by the Director.
  4. Reviews reports and develops recommended comments, strategies and action plans for approval by the Director and communicates about those comments, strategies and plans with UConn staff and other appropriate internal and external environmental stakeholders, as needed.
  5. Develops, maintains and coordinates implementation of environmental management systems, such as an inventory and calendar of environmental legal and regulatory requirements and commitments, a document control system, and compliance activity reports.
  6. Consults directly with University procurement, contracting specialists or other applicable staff to draft or modify requests for proposal, contracts, agreements and other related environmental services documentation.  Develops budgets and administers corresponding contracts, including timely and accurate accounting of associated invoices for final payment authorization by Director.
  7. Develops and/or supervises third party development of environmental compliance training and educational programs for review and approval by the Director.  Identifies personnel who require training, conducts training and establishes and maintains cooperative relations, working as a team member, in communicating effectively with all University departments involved in training efforts.
  8. Prepares draft informational and educational materials regarding environmental compliance for presentation or publication upon review and approval by the Director.
  9. In consultation with the Director, provides guidance, oversight, compliance assurance review, site monitoring and support for University activities related to compliance with environmental permits and regulatory requirements.  Serves as a point of contact with internal and external stakeholders on environmental compliance issues within their area of expertise.
  10. Participates in the planning, development and implementation of departmental strategic goals and objectives.
  11. Keeps informed of changes and updates to state and federal environmental laws and regulations, reporting requirements, and technology enhancements and informs the Director and other University staff and contractors about those changes.
  12. Serves as a resource and provides technical environmental advice and assistance to University staff and contractors and serves as a liaison to State agency staff (i.e., Department of Environmental Protection) regarding planning for and compliance with environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  13. In collaboration with operational departments and legal counsel, as needed, makes recommendations to the Director for planning and conducting environmental inspections or compliance assurance reviews, implementing corrective measures in response to audit findings, and responding to environmental agency enforcement actions that result in written or verbal warnings, notices of violation (NOVs) or Consent Orders.
  14. In coordination with operational departments and legal counsel, as needed, investigates and responds to incidents and citizen complaints involving environmental compliance issues, and, in consultation with Director, recommends corrective measures and remedial actions.  Maintains tactful, sensitive and credible relations on compliance issues with University personnel, peer institutions, industry, non-governmental organizations and regulatory agencies.
  15. Engages and manages environmental compliance contractors and consultants.  May supervise and/or oversee the work of other employees conducting field inspections or involved with environmental work.  Trains other staff as appropriate.
  16. Maintains and oversees filing system and document control for all documents related to environmental compliance, including those specified by regulation to be on site at each facility.
  17. Is responsible for accurate accounting of invoices and other vendor/contractor related accounting data for final payment authorization by the Director.
  18. Performs all Environmental Compliance Analyst job duties as needed.
  19. Performs other duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  2. Minimum of eight years of experience in environmental, science or engineering fields
  3. Experience managing a large and complex multi-disciplinary project involving significant capital and/or resources
  4. Knowledge of principles and practices of environmental protection relevant to state and federal environmental laws and regulations
  5. Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
  6. Proven ability to read and interpret statutes, regulations and policies


  1. Experience implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS), e.g., ISO 14001
  2. Master’s degree in the appropriate discipline or equivalent combination of education and experience
  3. Professional registration and/or license(s) in the appropriate discipline, if applicable

Scored: 03/11/11