Facilities Professional III

Payroll Title: UCP IX
Class Code: 0923-9089
Job Family: FAC
FLSA Code: E
Score: 673


Under the general direction of a Director, directs the activities of all professional and classified employees within a major subgroup of Planning and Engineering and Facilities Operations (i.e., Planning, Engineering, Construction and Utilities Infrastructure).


  1. Directs the development, implementation and evaluation of work of a major sub-group, such as: 
    1. An on-going comprehensive University planning process including the development and updating of the Campus Master plan;
    2. The preparation of designs, plans, estimates and specifications of engineering projects, such as building and utility renovations and installations, within the limits allowed by State law.
    3. The monitoring and inspecting of projects performed on University property; is responsible for ensuring that all contracted project work is in compliance with contract terms and obligations.
  2. Evaluates need to change contracts and recommends changes.
  3. Serves as liaison with University and State officials (Bureau of Public Works, Department of Higher Education and Office of Policy and Management) in such matters as planning, capital budget, design and construction, as appropriate to carry out responsibilities of major sub-group.
  4. Is responsible for quality of work and timely completion of projects, in accordance with major policies and priorities of Facilities Division.
  5. Directs the development and implementation of the Capital Budget for major sub-group.
  6. Provides technical support to executives and other administrators of the University with regard to short and long-term planning, special problems to meet scientific and educational needs and campus facility improvement and renovation.
  7. Ensures all Federal and State regulatory compliance issues are maintained.
  8. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in the appropriate discipline or equivalent combination of education and experience.


  2. Eight years experience in the engineering, construction or operations field, five of which must have been supervising professional personnel/technical personnel.
  3. Has professional registration and/or required licenses in the appropriate discipline, if applicable.
  4. Demonstrated ability to conceptualize and resolve problems of a highly technical and administrative nature.
  5. Knowledge of various computer applications.


  1. Master’s Degree

Created: 06/28/85
Revised: 04/11/97, 10/12/07