Faculty Titles Dictionary – Gratis and Joint Appointments

Gratis Appointments

Gratis appointments are courtesy appointments which acknowledge those individuals who provide services to the University at no pay. These appointments carry neither the rights of collective bargaining agreements nor the benefits and privileges of the By-Laws of the University of Connecticut. For the purpose of regularizing gratis appointments and to validate that these professionals are acting under the University’s auspices, departments must complete an appointment letter and route it in the usual manner with the required signatures.

Joint Appointments

When a department wishes to extend membership to a faculty member who is a regular member of another department, the department head and dean may recommend a joint appointment with the same professional title. Normally, these appointments are for five academic years, and the contributions to the program which they recognize might include teaching courses or parts of courses, supervising graduate students, sharing research or service endeavors, and the like. These should be described explicitly. A standard letter of appointment should be sent, and the letter should include information pertaining to supervision, evaluation (including promotion, tenure, and merit considerations), and salary-sharing (if applicable).