Manager – Audio Visual Technology

Payroll Title: UCP X
Class Code: 1034-09090
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 725


Under the general direction of the Director, oversees the AV Technology Services division of UCIMT in support of UConn’s instructional technology based classrooms, distance learning classrooms (DL) and other facilities featuring audio and video systems, projection systems and computers. Oversees the investigation, testing, recommendation, deployment and integration of new instructional technologies to the university classroom.


Incumbent is expected to keep the University of Connecticut in the forefront of instructional technology in the classroom through new product recommendations, technical innovations and system design enhancements. Expected to manage the AV Technical Services staff and other resources to maximize AV systems readiness and user satisfaction.


  1. Designs and develops AV system specifications and standards for UConn’s hi-tech classrooms, DL classrooms and AV facilities. Prepares documentation and plans for AV Technical Services staff and outside AV design consultant use.
  2. Plans, develops schedules, and directs installation of new hi-tech classrooms, DL classrooms and AV facilities. Routinely coordinates AV Technical Services efforts with UConn Facilities, as well as outside architects, AV design consultants, equipment AV distributors and manufacturer’s designers and engineers.
  3. Directs the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of hi-tech classrooms, DL classrooms and AV facilities. Develops short and long term schedules for equipment upgrades and replacement in hi-tech classrooms, DL classrooms and AV facilities for review and approval by the Director.
  4. Selects, trains, supervises and evaluates staff of technicians who program, install, maintain and repair all University AV systems.
  5. Attends seminars and courses to remain current on state of the art instructional technology
  6. Investigates new instructional technologies and makes specific equipment recommendations to the Director with supporting budgetary information.
  7. Instructs University staff and faculty in benefits and proper use of new instructional technologies.
  8. Develops and implements university wide policies and procedures for operation of hi-tech classrooms, inter-campus videoconference classes via distance learning (DL) technology and other AV facilities as approved by the Director.
  9. Serves as an expert resource and consultant to the University community regarding hi-tech classroom, distance learning and AV technology information.
  10. Maintains excellent working relationship with senior university administration, university guests, faculty, students and University departments as well as outside AV design consultants, equipment vendors and installers.
  11. Evaluates, plans and supervises setup of staging events for Board of Trustees, Commencement Ceremonies, building dedications and other special events.
  12. Performs other duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in instructional media and technology or related field.
  2. Five to ten years experience in a related institutional environment.
  3. Advanced knowledge of circuitry, electricity, electronics and the ability to read and follow schemata and technical manuals.
  4. Advanced computer hardware, software and networking knowledge and experience including programming; advanced experience in AV design engineering using appropriate drafting software.
  5. AV control systems design and programming experience required.
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to work well with people.
  7. Demonstrated supervisory skills.
  8. Written communication skills and working knowledge of Microsoft Office.


  1. Masters Degree in instructional technology or related program.
  2. Certification by International Communications Industries Association, Inc. (ICIA)
  3. Live event AV support planning and direction experience

Date Created: 4/8/05