Manager – Farm Services

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0859-9088
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 590


Under the general direction of the Dean or designated administrator, manages a model farming operation in support of the college research, teaching and outreach activities.


  1. Works with department heads on a regular basis to coordinate farm services in support of college and departmental needs.
  2. Plans and implements modern production techniques and methodologies to provide effective and efficient services to the college.
  3. Consults with and responds to appropriate departments regarding latest production methods.
  4. Provides services to college departments, as needed to carry out the appropriate academic activities of the college.
  5. Supervises, trains, evaluates and assigns daily duties to agricultural workers.
  6. Maintains all necessary records, including farm, fiscal and personnel records.
  7. Oversees maintenance, safety and security of buildings, machinery and equipment; plans for and schedules routine maintenance and attends to emergency repairs.
  8. Selects and purchases equipment, feed, seed, fertilizer, fuel, hardware and other farm related items.
  9. Prepares budget requests and manages approved budget.
  10. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Masters degree in an agricultural discipline and 3-4 years experience; or Bachelor’s degree and 5 or more years experience.
  2. Demonstrated ability to manage a modern farm enterprise.
  3. Demonstrated supervisory, administrative and organizational skills.
  4. Knowledge of research, teaching and outreach activities associated with academic mission of the college.
  5. Willingness to work flexible and irregular hours.
  6. Working knowledge of computers and databases may be required.

Date Revised: 01/15/88