Manager – Growth Operations

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0790-9087
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 563


Under the general direction of designated administrator or faculty member, manages a growth operation in support of teaching, research or outreach activities at the University. Incumbents in this position may be required to work flexible and irregular hours in support of specific research projects and growth operations.


  1. Manages and coordinates growth operations, such as greenhouse, controlled environment facility or turf management program to effectively and efficiently meet the research, teaching or outreach needs of the University.
  2. Organizes daily work schedule to support growth operations; supervises, assigns duties, trains, evaluates and prepares timecards for staff and student workers.
  3. Recommends purchase of equipment, materials, supplies and other related items.
  4. Maintains appropriate records, such as pest management, fertilization and aeration schedules, crop production and sales, and prepares reports, as required or needed.
  5. Oversees maintenance, safety and security of facilities, equipment and machinery; may include both annual and long term maintenance scheduling.
  6. Ensures compliance with Environmental Health & Safety rules and regulations including EPA, OSHA and State; maintains necessary records and conditions.
  7. In consultation with appropriate administrator, plans and implements progressive operating and production methods and recommends improvements in facilities and operations; may be required to operate equipment as needed.
  8. May assist designated administrator with developing annual budget for maintenance and improvement of growth facilities.
  9. In an academic department, may assist in training students in the practical aspects of greenhouse and/or controlled environment facility operations and management under the direction of a faculty member.
  10. May oversee direct retail sales and interdepartmental transfers.
  11. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in appropriate discipline
  2. Four to five years relevant experience
  3. Working knowledge of greenhouse management, turf management or controlled environment facility including a broad knowledge of plant biology, turf maintenance, growing media, horticulture, crop production and scheduling and integrated pest management.
  4. Knowledge of and ability to carry out basic plant care, fertilization, spraying, fumigation, pest control, potting, soil and/or turf preparation, plant identification, labeling and culling and adding to collections. Professional license or specialized training may be required.
  5. Experience with purchasing, record keeping and budget oversight
  6. Prior experience with supervision of staff required
  7. Knowledge of research, teaching and outreach activities associated with academic mission of college
  8. May be required to operate University vehicles

Created: 01/25/89
Revised: 11/2/99, 01/30/06