Manager of Computer Services

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0797-9087
Job Family: DPS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 560


Under the general direction of designated administrator, develops, oversees and administers all facets of the microcomputer laboratories used as a training facility in support of instructional, research and/or administrative services.


  1. Manages the services and day-to-day operations of the laboratories; coordinates coverage of the labs and provides personal coverage as necessary.
  2. Hires, trains and supervises approximately 20 students working as monitors in the Microcomputer laboratories.  Supervises and trains graduate assistants in performing management and administrative duties associated with operating the Microcomputer labs.
  3. Maintains a current inventory of hardware, software, documentation, supplies and other equipment needed for the operation of the labs; is responsible for maintaining system security, including backups of all software.
  4. Reviews all requests to use labs and interacts with users to discuss suitability of labs for user needs and related matters and approves or denies requests as appropriate.  Coordinates with faculty and Dean’s office in scheduling labs to meet curriculum requirements of both undergraduate and graduate programs.
  5. Check hardware and software for damages/defects, troubleshoots problems and arranges for repair or replacement; performs maintenance and repairs of Microcomputer lab equipment.  Implements preventive maintenance procedures.
  6. Provides orientation of all users to certify that they understand lab procedures and can operate equipment safely and properly; maintains up-to-date listing of current certified users; collects and analyzes data to provide usage statistics.
  7. Serves as primary technical consultant for computer users.  Serves as liaison with Computer Center and/or other computer groups.
  8. Develops, implements and maintains policies and procedures for use of labs; evaluates such policies and procedures and institutes changes as needed; writes, edits and updates user manuals.
  9. Evaluates need for and recommends acquisition of additional hardware and software for faculty as well as labs.  Responsible for the on-going distribution, set-up and configuration of all new computer equipment for the school.  Maintains data base on school-wide computer equipment; notifies inventory control of acquisitions and room changes.
  10. Develops budget requests; uses spreadsheet program to monitor approved budget and expenditures.
  11. As appropriate, designs and documents software programs to meet specialized needs of department/division; confers with supervisor or departmental staff to determine program intent, performance, output requirements and data collection; designs data base, if needed; tests adequacy of software program to ensure desired result.  Evaluates software to be considered for applicability to both undergraduate and graduate program curriculums.
  12. Identifies, troubleshoots and resolves software problems or difficulties.  Performs on-site visitations to faculty and staff in the school to diagnose hardware problems; obtains necessary parts and then makes repairs; maintains documentation file on all repairs made on each machine.  Evaluates need for hardware upgrades for all equipment in the school, as well as off campus locations; recommends departmental purchase of appropriate parts; upon receipt of parts, performs installation; reconfigures software and hardware; updates inventory control records.
  13. Designs and teaches workshops for faculty and staff for the purpose of teaching the use and application of new and existing software and hardware maintained by the department/division.
  14. May maintain a library of computer documentation, manuals and related information.  Consults with administration in planning and implementing communication network systems.
  15. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer-related field or equivalent training and experience.
  2. Extensive experience (two to five years) with computer software and hardware appropriate to unit to be served.
  3. Ability to design and document software programs and databases.
  4. A minimum of 3 years supervisory experience or comparable business-related work
  5. Good managerial and organizational skills
  6. Ability to work cooperatively with faculty, staff, students and other users of the labs.
  7. Good written and oral communication skills
  8. Ability to develop and deliver training workshops.

Reviewed: 1/1/05