Manager – Video Design Services

Payroll Title: UCP XI
Class Code: 1114-9092
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 751


Under the general direction of the Director, oversees the Video Design Services division of UCIMT in support of the Institute of Teaching and Learning and Undergraduate Education. This position is expected to efficiently manage the Video Design Services staff and resources to maximize user satisfaction.


The incumbent will lead a division that develops innovative and functional programs to keep the University of Connecticut in the forefront of on-demand classroom and web delivered instruction. The incumbent is responsible for planning and managing all workflow and budgets for the division while fulfilling the University’s requirements for media programming for classroom instruction.


  1. Originates and implements policies and procedures to meet University standards for video, audio and web design.
  2. Selects, trains, supervises and evaluates Video Design staff.
  3. Establishes and oversees Video Design Services budget including capital expenditures; recommends budget priorities; authorizes expenditures within established guidelines; monitors expenditures.
  4. Plans, develops schedules, and directs video design of University events including commencement, convocation and new faculty orientation.
    Coordinates scheduling with UConn Facilities, Communication, UConn Police and others as needed.
  5. Develops and conducts video design seminars for faculty and staff; assists with development and participates in undergraduate level video production arts courses in cooperation with the Department of Communication Sciences.
  6. Directs maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of Video Design Services production studio and remote production equipment. Develops short and long term schedules for equipment upgrades and replacement.
  7. Researches new technology and software to support University video design needs and goals. Makes specific equipment recommendations to the Director with supporting budgetary information.
  8. Performs the duties of a Media Producer III as required.
  9. Writes and rewrites treatments and scripts for educational, documentary and entertainment programming. Drafts reports, research results and correspondence as needed.
  10. Serves as an expert resource and consultant to the university community regarding video design services and other related media. Maintains excellent working relationships with University faculty, staff and administrators.
  11. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Advanced degree in instructional media and technology or related field.
  2. Five to ten years of professional experience, including administrative experience.
  3. Demonstrated experience in television studio production, electronic field production, nonlinear editing, and streaming video for the web.
  4. Demonstrated skills in a major media specialization, such as graphics, telecommunications, script writing, etc.
  5. Demonstrated ability to generate program concepts and translate concepts into high-quality effective media programs.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge of media technology as it applies in an academic setting.
  7. Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills; ability to work with and direct diverse groups of people under different situations.
  8. Demonstrated ability to cultivate and work with outside clients.
  9. Knowledge and experience with teaching advanced seminars and training workshops.


  1. Ph.D. in related field
  2. Broadcast television experience
  3. Production/post-production commercial facility experience
  4. Advanced computer software skills in:
    • non-liner video & audio editing
    • special effects
    • graphics
    • video & audio compression
    • DVD and CD authoring
    • video and audio streaming


Date Scored: 9/9/2005