Media Services Manager I

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0601-9086
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 529


Under the general direction of designated supervisor or administrator, plans and oversees the activities of a major support function in the media center.


Incumbents in this position are expected to be responsible for the activities of a major support function such as a media library or an administrative unit, and to have some training in specific applied areas of instructional media and technology.


  1. Plans and oversees the activities of assigned support function.
  2. Trains, supervises and evaluates professional, classified and student employees; determines work assignments and coordinates workflow.
  3. Determines policies and procedures for assigned support function, establishes short and long range goals, and recommends future directions.
  4. Prepares unit budget; approves expenditures within established guidelines; maintains and monitors fiscal records and writes reports.
  5. Provides support to other projects to ensure successful completion of assigned projects, requiring knowledge of media technology and programs.
  6. Recruits and secures funding for projects from external University sources which are revenue producing; applies for federal, state and local grants; seeks donations of equipment and material from external sources.
  7. Negotiates for loan of media materials and acquisition of permanent additions to the collection and evaluates and selects media materials for inclusion in the collection.
  8. Is responsible for a customer relations and marketing program that serves all potential users of the collection.
  9. Is responsible for the proper maintenance of the collection.
  10. Is responsible for the circulation and retrieval of materials on loan; maintains computerized cataloging, circulation and inventory record system.
  11. Administers and maintains accounting systems and other record keeping systems in accordance with sound accounting procedures.
  12. Prepares fiscal, statistical and administrative reports with responsibility for accuracy and evaluation of data.
  13. Supervises the processing of all fiscal and administrative paperwork, with responsibility for supervising staff and establishing work priorities; serves as liaison regarding grant applications and awards.
  14. Monitors center budgets; oversees budget allocations, monitors expenditures and advises Director of current and projected budget status.
  15. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in instructional media and technology, business administration or other appropriate field, as required by the position OR Equivalent combination of relevant training and experience, with training in specific applied areas.
  2. Demonstrated ability to manage the specific media support function in assigned area of responsibility.
  3. Supervisory ability.


  1. Business Management experience.

Date Created: 02/05/86