Program Assistant II

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0412-9084
Job Family: EDU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 463


Under the direction of designated administrator or faculty member, provides responsible administrative support as well as significant program support for an academic center or program.


This position is intended to serve dual functions: program and administrative support.  In addition to requiring the ability to provide program support at the Bachelors degree level, it requires the ability to regularly exercise independent judgment within established practice and policy and to independently resolve a wide variety of administrative problems.

Program Assistant II differs from Program Assistant I in that a Program Assistant II spends more time on program matters and has a higher order of administrative and program responsibilities.


  1. Is responsible for special projects, which may be short, term or on going and which require technical knowledge and understanding of program specialty and subject area.
  2. Serves as a resource to individuals and groups on matters relating to program activities and on matters relating to administrative policies and procedures.
  3. Compiles data, which may be computerized, based on research techniques and statistical compilations, requiring and understanding of the program objectives and procedures and the understanding and evaluation of data sources.
  4. Compiles and maintains collection of resource materials and program information.
  5. Confers with and assists supervisor in the performance of program administration and activities.
  6. Performs office management duties; directs the workflow and supervises the necessary administrative paperwork; records, complex filing system to support program, including fiscal, personnel and student records, all of which may be computerized.
  7. Acts for and represents supervisor to other University offices, the public or outside agencies on a wide range of administrative matters.
  8. Coordinates program logistics and administrative support for program staff, making adjustments to accommodate changing priority needs.
  9. Assists in the preparation of budgets and control of expenditures.
  10. Writes and/or edits informational and promotional materials for use in outreach activities, requiring and understanding of the subject matter.
  11. If applicable, maintains and monitors student records.
  12. Assists in outreach programs and conferences planning and makes arrangements as necessary.
  13. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in subject matter related to program specialty.
  2. Three to five years related experience, which demonstrates considerable knowledge of administrative methods and subject areas.
  3. Demonstrated ability to independently provide significant program support.
  4. Demonstrated ability to work independently and regularly exercise judgment regarding a wide variety of administrative matters.
  5. Good interpersonal and organizational skills.
  6. Good writing and communication skills.
  7. Computer programming skills may be required if applicable to program area.


  1. Master’s Degree

Date Created: 6/28/85