Program Assistant – Educational Outreach

Payroll Title: UCP II
Class Code: 0214-9082
Job Family: EDU
FLSA Code: N
Score: 413


Under the general supervision of designated supervisor, promotes and carries out youth development programs in a designated geographic area.


  1. Plans, organizes and implements regional program activities, as directed.  Monitors day-to-day activities at each site.
  2. Develops and implements a recruitment program.
  3. Collaborates with community agencies to establish partnerships.
  4. Administers evaluation tools and conducts needs assessments.
  5. Writes reports as directed.
  6. Serves as contact with community and provides for informational needs such as publications, project program materials and educational opportunities.
  7. Promotes youth development programs through media and group presentations; recruits and provides educational opportunities for program members.
  8. May serve as project liaison to University offices/departments, public school officials and community agencies.
  9. May provide academic, personal and financial advisement and maintain program member caseload.
  10. Assists with identifying opportunities for grants and may assist with grant writing.
  11. Participates in staff meetings and in-service training.
  12. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in related area.
  2. Several years experience as a volunteer or paid staff member in similar program.
  3. Strong background in animal sciences, human relations, natural resources or other disciplines related to program needs.
  4. Strong interpersonal skills.
  5. Good written and oral communication skills.

Date Created: 09/05/1986

Date Revised: 08/21/1995