Program Associate – ODE

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0703-9087
Job Family: HRS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 563


Under the general direction of Director, develops and coordinates affirmative action programs, to ensure University compliance with State and federal guidelines, and serves as a resource to the University for guidance and information regarding such programs.


  1. Develops program goals and associated audit and reporting system for the University in association with the Director; monitors compliance activities, hiring and programmatic goals and timetables.
  2. Analyzes and interprets data and information to identify patterns and problem areas and develops policy and procedural recommendations to resolve these problems; prepares and/or edits statistical and narrative reports related to affirmative action program policies, procedures and goals.
  3. Approves or rejects completed searches for compliance with affirmative action policy and civil rights laws; informs departments of approval or rejection of selection activities and authorizes exceptions to search policies and procedures.
  4. Advises members of the University community on search administration and management; develops training programs and informational materials to teach departmental search committees proper search techniques and procedures.
  5. Investigates internal and external complaints of discrimination or affirmative action violations, with responsibility to research and analyze information and draft official response and supporting documents.  Communicates and confers with State and federal enforcement agencies, senior administrators and General Counsel regarding complaints; prepares monthly summary of internal complaint activity for President and advises him of the disposition of complaints filed with external agencies.
  6. Serves as a resource to community agencies, administrators, staff and other client groups regarding affirmative action and human relations issues.
  7. Assists the Director in coordinating and facilitating training workshops and conferences for managers and employees with respect to affirmative action and human relations issues.
  8. Assists in the periodic review and evaluation of Title IX program.
  9. Assumes duties and responsibilities of Director in his/her absence.
  10. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree and four years experience in a position leading to a sound knowledge of equal employment opportunity issues, regulations and laws, particularly as they relate to higher education OR equivalent combination of training and experience.
  2. Good oral and written communication skills
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills.


  1. Ability to design and manage workshops and conferences for adults in the workforce.
  2. Two years experience in an Affirmative Action Office, preferably in a college or university setting.

Date Created: 6/85
Date Revised: 11/98