Publicity/Marketing Director

Payroll Title: UCP IX
Class Code: 0932-9089
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 632


Under the general direction of designated administrator, manages and coordinates the marketing communication function for a large division or organizational unit.


  1. Manages the overall operation of the marketing communication department consisting of a staff of professional and classified personnel engaged in graphic design and production, market research and analysis, computerized/automated typesetting and graphics, direct mail, multi-media advertising and promotion
  2. Plans and carries out a marketing and promotional outreach strategy designed to promote department/division services and programs, develop new audiences or clientele, as well as maintain current audiences or clientele.
  3. Meets, consults with and advises departmental program managers and administrators regarding advertising and promotional needs, including design, cost considerations, deadlines and desired results.
  4. Serves as a resource to department/division staff and administrators regarding effective promotional strategies and activities.
  5. Receives coordinates, initiates work orders, and sets priorities in conjunction with production manager for design and production projects.
  6. Recommends staffing needs, selects and/or hires appropriate staff or services, supervises training of staff, evaluates staff or resource and in conjunction with production manager, establishes work schedules and determines work assignments.
  7. Prepares, or supervises preparation of advertising and promotional materials, including generating ideas, writing, editing, design and illustration-requiring knowledge of marketing, design and communication techniques and knowledge of targeted audience.
  8. Implements and coordinates policies, procedures and services or marketing communications department; identifies problems and areas for improvement or increased efficiency and makes recommendations to Associate Dean.
  9. Plans and carries out special interest events or projects designed to increase effectiveness or marketing activities.
  10. Prepares, or supervises the preparation of, research materials that illustrate effectiveness or marketing techniques for departmental/ division programs or services.
  11. Represents Division/University at appropriate regional, national and/or international meetings and forums.
  12. Participates in Divisional marketing planning and policy development as part of a management team.
  13. Keeps informed regarding current developments in areas of responsibility.
  14. Performs other related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, fine arts or related field, or in a field appropriate to unit being served.
  2. Minimum 5 years relevant experience
  3. Supervisory, administration and production experience.
  4. Knowledge of audience and community to be served
  5. Ability to take initiative, meet deadlines, and make sound judgments.
  6. Tact and excellent interpersonal/communications skills and techniques; ability to work effectively with creative people
  7. Willingness to work flexible and irregular hours.


  1. Masters degree may be required by the unit being served


Date Scored: 5/13/1987