Registrar – School of Law

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0850-9088
Job Family: ASR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 607


Under the general direction of designated administrator, supervises and coordinates the registration, scheduling of classes and exams, academic record keeping, degree auditing, data processing, reporting and all other functions of the Registrar’s Office.


  1. Manages the operation of Law School Registrar’s Office.
  2. Recommends staffing needs; recruits, trains, supervises and evaluates clerical and student staff engaged in office functions; assigns and reviews work and coordinates work flow; recruit, trains, supervises and evaluates a staff of proctors for exams.
  3. Develops, implements, and coordinates operational systems and procedures to implement established policy and makes changes as needed.
  4. Monitors changes in University and School regulations and policies pertaining to registration; modifies operating procedures accordingly; alerts faculty, staff and students to such changes.
  5. Maintains good public relations with faculty and students.
  6. Serves as an information source to students, faculty and others regarding registration policies and procedures.
  7. Coordinates registration and fee billing system with other Law School offices.
  8. Schedules classes and exam; monitors and adjusts class schedule, as needed; supervises the administration of final exams.
  9. Prepares draft of academic calendar, in keeping with ABA regulations, and drafts changes pertaining to academic regulations, course descriptions and registration procedures for catalog, handbook and other publications.
  10. Monitor updates and corrects academic records for former and present students.
  11. Determines deficiencies, failures, class rank, and honor(s) students; supervises the performance of degree audits to certify graduation requirements have been completed; drafts deficiency letters for the dean.
  12. Coordinates planning and implementation of an on-line computer system for the Law School Registrar’s Office until such time as the system is implemented in its entirety.
  13. Assigns first year students to classes and advisors.
  14. Supervises the preparation, organization and distribution of registration materials and summer materials.
  15. Organizes and supervises course selection and registration activities, and the records for such activities; advises the Dean of potential course enrollment problems.
  16. Compiles and analyzes data and prepares reports as required.
  17. Supervises and monitors preparation and revision of class lists, distribution of grades and class ranks; maintenance and processing of veterans’ records; processing of transcript requests; and verification of student enrollment status.
  18. Performs related duties as required


  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. 3-5 year experience in higher education administration, three of which must be a supervisory capacity
  3. Familiarity with integrated student information systems.
  4. Ability to pay close attention to detail.
  5. Basic knowledge of statistics and computers
  6. Excellent supervisory skills
  7. Demonstrated communication and counseling skills.


  1. Master’s degree
  2. Basic knowledge of ABA regulations

Date Created: 6/28/85