Sample Letter of Suspension

February 12, 2008

Mr. Samuel Johnson

Dear Mr. Johnson:

This letter constitutes official notice of your suspension without pay for ten (10) working days because of your misconduct involving drinking on duty on January 30, 2008. The effective dates of your suspension are February 18th through February 29th, inclusive and you are expected to report back to duty on Monday, March 1, 2008. This action follows an investigation by Irene Jackson, Department Head and Andrew Albright, Associate Director.

Specifically, on January 30, 2008 at approximately 3:45 p.m. you were observed stumbling as you got off the elevator. You fell into your chair at your desk and knocked the lamp and a pile of loose papers to the floor. Next you began swearing in a loud, slurred voice. You then stood and went to the coffee area where you were observed taking a small flask from your suit pocket and drinking directly from it. When your co‑worker asked you what you were doing you replied, "None of your damned business honey." You were subsequently put off duty and driven home by a member of the staff.

In both the investigative and pre‑disciplinary meetings, where you were represented by union steward Annette Nelson, you denied these charges completely. You stated you had taken cold medication and had an adverse reaction to it. You had no explanation for the observation of the flask or the fact that two co‑workers and your supervisor noted a strong odor of whiskey about your person.

Our work requires that people report to duty in a fit condition and remain so. The consumption of alcohol while on duty is prohibited and a violation of this basic rule is considered a serious violation. As you know, this prohibition is specifically referenced in our work rules (letter A) and in regulation 5‑240‑1 (c) (10) of the Department of Administrative Services which lists causes for dismissal. A second offense of this nature will lead to more serious disciplinary action at the level of dismissal.

I wish to reiterate the recommendation that was made in our last meeting on February 7, 2008, that you utilize the confidential resources of the Employees' Assistance Program. As noted before, I would be happy to make the referral appointment for you, and I strongly urge your consideration and utilization of this resource.

You have a right to appeal this action under the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Aliza C. Wilder
Director of Human Resources

cc: Union
Personnel File
Labor Relations
Dean McGill

I hereby acknowledge receipt:

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