Senior Art Designer

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0852-9088
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 609


Under the general direction of a designated supervisor, plans and directs graphics programs and related services designed to promote recognition of the University and inform the public about University events, philosophies and programs including research, public service and student activities.


  1. Serves as Senior Designer for the university and for the Creative Services department of Public Relations.
  2. Develops and evaluates effectiveness of graphics policies, procedures and services; identifies problems and areas for improvement and makes changes as needed or recommends major changes.
  3. Directs the activities of professional and support staff, either directly or through appropriate supervisor; determines staffing needs and is responsible for the selection, training, evaluation, supervision, work assignments, work schedules and development opportunities for a team of artists and others.
  4. Manages the fiscal affairs of various projects, including budget development and priorities; exercises direct fiscal control over approved project budget.
  5. Initiates and coordinates graphic services for wide dissemination and responds to inquiries from various University and State agency clients for information about marketing and graphics.
  6. Serves as the chief spokesperson for the Creative Services Department and as a resource to the university community in matters of graphics.
  7. Creates campaigns, identification packages, logos, etc., to market the University and its programs.
  8. Consults with and advises University officials regarding graphics, audience goals, deadlines and image to be conveyed.
  9. Maintains continuous contact with the University community to develop potential sources for graphics and marketing campaigns.
  10. Serves on various University committees and professional organization activities and acts as liaison between clients and printers, and between the Creative Services, University Printing and Client Services departments.
  11. Oversees the fiscal affairs of various projects including budget development and prioritizing; exercises direct fiscal control over approved budget of graphics projects.
  12. Keeps informed of current developments on the graphics field through professional contacts and membership in professional organizations.
  13. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts or related field or equivalent experience and training
  2. Five to ten years on-the-job experience in graphic arts or related field
  3. Demonstrated supervisory, administrative and organizational skills
  4. Evidence of creative ability as demonstrated by portfolio
  5. Ability to solve complex technical or design problems and to serve as creative consultant on projects
  6. Evidence of promotional and marketing abilities.

Date Revised: 9/98