SHS Psychiatrist I

Payroll Title: UCP XI
Class Code: 1103-9092
Job Family: SHS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 779


Under the general direction of responsible health professional, provides psychiatric care and consulting services to the University community.


  1. Determines appropriate medical/psychiatric treatment modalities, prescribes treatment; and provides direct care; evaluates referrals from other clinical staff.
  2. Evaluates and manages care of hospitalized patients and of the more seriously ill outpatients.
  3. Is available for emergency on-call service and crisis intervention for students who have psychiatric emergencies, as assigned.
  4. Makes referrals to other mental health agencies for specialized care beyond the scope of SHS Mental Health Services.
  5. Prepares appropriate clinical records and case reports and carries on necessary correspondence.
  6. Serves as a resource and consultant to the University community and others in matters related to the well-being of students and to promote better care and services.
  7. Meets regularly with colleagues in mental health services to assess, diagnose and plan disposition of cases and review mental health services, policies and procedures.
  8. May conduct workshops and outreach services designed to provide mental health education to students.
  9. Participates in various SHS and University committees and advisory groups.
  10. Participates in and/or conducts in-service presentations.
  11. May seek funding for and conduct studies on mental health issues; may publish or present findings in appropriate professional journals or forums.
  12. May participate in the training, supervision, evaluation and teaching of residents and interns.
  13. Performs related duties as required.


  1. MD degree
  2. Board eligibility in psychiatry, with understanding that certification will be sought
  3. Evidence of good diagnostic skills and the clinical versatility for a University health setting.
  4. Federal DEA number and state controlled substance registration.
  5. Current CPR/AED certification.


  1. Must meet Connecticut State Department of Public Health CME requirements for licensure.

Date Created: 6/28/85
Revised: 10/09/09