Specialized Business and Economic Development Consultant

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0870-9088
Job Family: EDU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 613


Under the general direction of a designated administrator, provides economic development and training, as well as advisement requiring advanced knowledge in the specialized industry to successfully manage complex technical issues. The incumbent provides in depth technical assistance and analysis of the client’s organization while educating the organization on various resources available and principals or issues unique to the industry specific needs.


Incumbents in this position are expected to be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the program. They are also expected to act independently within the goals, objectives and the guidelines established by the administrator who has ultimate responsibility for program design, goals, financial control and accountability.
The primary difference between the Specialized Consultant and the Business Consultant is the complexity of the industry specific issues the incumbent would face in a day-to-day operation. The incumbent has more responsibility and autonomy within the guidelines set forth by their administrator. The position is designed to identify an individual to support certain types of business dependant on technology e.g. Manufacturing, Environmental and Technology Transfer, and for the individual to be a specialist in product development and markets for technology products. It is the depth of knowledge, and the complexity of issues that distinguishes the Specialized Consultant from the Business Consultant.


  1. Provides advisory services as required in various management and technical areas with emphasis on a particular area of expertise.
  2. Assists on business and technical issues including market feasibility, product development, production and systems planning and development.
  3. Collaborates to initiate, design and implement programs and projects to improve company processes, productivity, effectiveness and profitability.
  4. Initiates, designs and presents training programs to enhance the company’s process, productivity, effectiveness and profitability and to increase University – industry collaboration and entrepreneurship.
  5. Assists in the development and implementation of long range strategic plans.
  6. Assists in locating and identifying professional associations designed for networking contacts, informational seminars, promotional ideas and service delivery.
  7. Maintains close contact with State, Federal, and University faculty. Recruits qualified instructors/speakers for training programs and adherence to current regulations interacting with the clients’ business.
  8. Assists in the creation of promotional activities, advertising, brochures and other similar activities.
  9. Is responsible for all administrative and support functions for the program. May hire, train and supervise support staff as needed.
  10. Performs other duties as required


  1. Master’s degree in business administration or related field with at least five years leadership experience in the target specialty OR a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with at least ten years experience, five of which being in a leadership role.
  2. Ability to provide technical in depth advice relating to specific industry needs.
  3. Ability to conduct and plan training programs and marketing seminars.
  4. Ability to work flexible hours and travel.


  1. Experience with product development and business planning



Created : 01/21/99
Updated: 08/14/07