Summer Wellness Program

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STRESS – – it’s an unavoidable consequence of life. There are those everyday stressors like work deadlines, workplace changes, and challenging coworkers. And then there are major stressors like a pandemic, strained relationships, financial difficulties, and care-giving challenges.

Eliminating everyday stressors from our life is unrealistic. Learning how to change our response to these stressors is the key. And that’s important as concern is growing about the long-term wear and tear that all of this stress has on our body. Experts believe that elevated stress levels are contributing to the development of heart disease, digestive problems, sleeping disorders, as well as obesity.

That’s why we’re launching a brand new wellness incentive challenge in July, running from July 8th through August 14th, for all employees. In Tune is a 6-week campaign that will challenge you to tune in to your stressors and fine tune proven stress management strategies that will help keep day-to-day stress levels out of the danger zone.

By employing a variety of methods to get In Tune with what is causing us stress, we will better be able to manage our response to those stressors and better appreciate the symphony of life. A new tune category will be introduced each week for participants to try. In the end, no one strategy is a good fit for everyone. In Tune provides you with an opportunity to play with a variety of proven stress management techniques and determine which creates the best harmony in your life.

Stress Management Technique/Focus Dates Program Activities Offered
Program Kick Off 7/8 - 7/12 Stress Triggers - Recognizing and Rating Your Daily Stress
Your physical body needs to be strong and healthy to withstand the physical responses to stress.
7/13 - 7/17 Work from Home Ergonomics and “Desk”ercise Stretches with Shawna Lesseur EHS, and Vicki Fry, HR

Virtual Yoga with Blanche Serban, UConn Hawley Armory
Social Support:
In the words of stress expert, Brian Luke Seaward, “friends help cushion the fall of a stressful day.”
7/20 - 7/24 Virtual games and activities, including UConn Trivia
Learning to calm and quiet the body, mind, and spirit renews energy levels and refreshes the way you see the world.
7/27 - 7/31 Relax with Laughter with Joleen Nevers, SHaW

Rock Painting with Holly Audette, HR
Priority setting: If your to-do list is true to your values and beliefs then the top priorities emerge naturally. Couple with meditation to declutter the mind.
8/3 - 8/7 Stress Debrief and Boundary Setting session with UConn EAP, Dave Francis and Karen Annis

Guided Meditation with Becky Acabchuk, Ph.D., UConn SHARP Research Lab/Hawley Armory
Stress Effects:
Stress causes diseases and conditions, but you can reverse effects. Changing your habits matters!
8/10 - 8/14 The Science of Mindfulness: Lifestyle Medicine with Brad Biskup, PAC, UConn Health Lifestyle Medicine Program

The program will run through Microsoft Teams, where materials and activities will be available. There will be live lunch hour sessions, with session recordings available for viewing at your convenience.

Sign up for In Tune today and start taking charge of the stress in your life. The first 50 employees to enroll will receive a UConn water bottle. Successfully complete the 6-week course to be included in a drawing for prizes.

Enroll for In Tune by July 6th and start taking charge of the stress in your life! Additional detail provided after enrollment. Please direct questions to Vicki Fry.

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