Theater Production Technician

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0419-9084
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 475


Under the supervision of designated supervisor, performs duties related to the technical preparations and operation of sophisticated production systems for events in the Jorgensen complex.


  1. Prepares, assembles, installs and removes complex electrical and sound systems, stages, sets, and house configurations, in accordance with OSHA and various union, guild, and association requirements, meeting deadlines several times per week as required to start shows on time and accommodate program changes.
  2. Designs and generates working drawings from generalized blueprints for the purpose of making modification on the facility, e.g. layout of electrical systems including the selection of correct lens configurations and instrument placement; allot proper loads to power units.
  3. Manages stage operations and solves stage problems during productions; assists performers and other technicians with logistics and aesthetic problems or needs during productions, with responsibility to meet contract deadlines, as needed; serves as stage director and advisor for inexperienced groups or groups who do not bring professional personnel.
  4. Prepares light, audio and other production systems for events.  Operates such systems during events, with responsibility to independently make artistic judgments, interpret requirements and anticipate and resolve problems in order to accomplish successful presentations.
  5. With other professional staff, trains and oversees student labor.  Insures the safety of these inexperienced personnel who are using potentially dangerous equipment.
  6. Adapts productions to physical facility; recommends improvements or modifications in stage facility.
  7. Participates in the planning and execution of production systems improvements and renovations, e.g., installs permanent rigging lines, motorizes existing systems, modifies building support beams to accommodate changing requirements, designs and constructs special purpose machinery such as grand piano moving apparatus or mobile storage units to increase operating efficiency.
  8. Maintains production and emergency equipment including electrical, lighting, sound, ventilation, and communication equipment as well as power tools, motorized equipment and other heavy production equipment.
  9. Monitors safety of work areas to assure safety code requirements are met; corrects or reports hazardous conditions.
  10. Monitors inventory of production supplies and assure sufficient supplies are available.
  11. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in technical theater or equivalent training and experience.
  2. Two to three years professional experience working with performers of all disciplines.
  3. Demonstrates knowledge of particular application of theatrical equipment, including electrical and sound systems.
  4. Willingness to work irregular and flexible hours.


  1. Eligible to be licensed as a rigger, electrician.

Date Created: 6/28/85