Training/Development Coordinator

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0734-9087
Job Family: HRS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 579


Under the direction of designated administrator, plans, develops, documents and directs a program of training and/or development for a complex organization with multiple work locations throughout the state.


  1. Plans, organizes, directs, monitors and participates in an ongoing comprehensive program of specialized training and development.
  2. Supervises assigned professional, technical, clerical, and student staff; exercise functional supervision over any personnel assigned to assist in development and training activities.
  3. Determines, analyzes and identifies immediate and long range training needs, including executive training and development, through consultations, and needs assessment data.
  4. Develops appropriate plans and programs (including workshops) to meet specific training needs; supervises and reviews the development of training procedures, manuals and other training aids; designs or recommends specific programs or workshops and assists in the selection of attendees; instruct students, staff & faculty in workshops.
  5. Prepares and submits reports as requested, including a projected training schedule and log of tasks completed.
  6. Instructs training staff in training techniques; participates in the selection of training personnel.
  7. Assesses needs of training staff to further develop trainers, if necessary; determines and submits request for appropriate resources to meet those needs; participates in the design and development of programs to meet training staff development needs; may instruct staff in training techniques; may participate in the selection of training personnel.
  8. Supervises the development and maintenance of a training library of manuals, books, curricula, publications, and training aids, such as videos, as well as on-line documentation.
  9. Assesses training programs for appropriate application of evaluation methods; participates in validation research to determine value and application of training accomplishments.
  10. If applicable, prepares grant applications and administers training and staff development grants.
  11. Supervises development of brochures and flyers promoting campus-wide workshops; develop marketing strategies for workshops/training; participates in outreach activities
  12. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in related field and four years of experience in training and development of which two must have been in a supervisory/management level OR Bachelor’s degree and five years of experience in training or development of which two years must have been in a supervisory capacity.
  2. Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of training and development methods and techniques
  3. Extensive knowledge of functional program areas to which position is assigned.
  4. Ability to apply research and evaluation techniques.
  5. Considerable ability to identify and assess training needs, develop and manage training programs and staff development plans to meet identified needs.
  6. Considerable ability in written and oral expression
  7. Considerable ability to prepare reports and grants (if applicable), represent the training unit both internally and externally, present training programs, negotiate training plans, obtain trainers of certain repute.
  8. Administrative and supervisory ability, including evaluations and supervisory reviews
  9. Considerable ability to work effectively with individuals, groups, and other organizational units to carry out the goals of the training function.

Date Created: 06/28/85
Date Revised: 10/08/99