UCPEA Job Family – Data Processing Services

Job Family Job Description

Level - UCP I

Production Technical Analyst Trainee

Level - UCP III

Network Technician 1
Production Technical Analyst II
Technical Communications and Records Assistant
Technical Records Coordinator

Level - UCP IV

Computer Technical Support Consultant 1
Network Consultant 1
Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst I

Level - UCP V

Computer Lab Coordinator I
Database Programmer
Macrocomputer Support Consultant I

Level - UCP VI

Computer Lab Coordinator II
Computer Programmer/Analyst 1
Database Administrator I
Database Programmer/Analyst
Information Systems Analyst I
Production Technical Analyst III

Level - UCP VII

Computer Technical Support Consultant 2
Information Systems Analyst II
Manager of Computer Services
Microcomputer Support Consultant II
Network Consultant 2
Network Technician 2
Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst 2
Systems Administrator I

Level - UCP VIII

Computer Programmer/Analyst 2
Computer Systems Manager - Engineering
Computer Technical Support Consultant 3
Data Base Manager
Director of Computing Services - Regional Campus
Information Systems Analyst III
Systems Administrator II

Level - UCP IX

Computer Engineer
Data Base Administrator 2
Manager of Technical Projects
Network Consultant 3
Network Technician 3
Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst 3
Production Technical Analyst IV
Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst

Level - UCP X

Assistant Computer Manager
Computer Technical Support Consultant 4
Network and Computer Operation Manager
Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst 4
Senior Database Administrator

Level - UCP XI

Computer Manager
Computer Technician
Network Consultant 4
Network Technician 4