University Library Assistant I – Law

Payroll Title: UCP I
Class Code: 0125-9081
Job Family: LIB
FLSA Code: N
Score: 367


Under the direct supervision of a designated supervisor, performs basic library tasks applying standard library techniques and following established policies and procedures.


Encumbents in this position work at the day-to-day operational level of the library and are generally responsible for organizing their own work on a daily basis, but may be required to train and/or supervise student assistants.


Examples of characteristic duties and responsibilities are listed below. Specific duties will depend in the department where the employee works.

  1. Performs basic operations to provide bibliographic verification or control of library materials. This includes the use of local and international automated systems. Requires knowledge of well-established rules, procedures and guidelines.
  2. Assists library users with requests, usually by selecting from available options.
  3. Processes records, including evaluating information on the basis of established guidelines, and chooses among several alternatives.
  4. Trains, assigns work to and supervises student assistants who perform basic library tasks, if required by job.
  5. Provides information and explains departmental policies and procedures to library users and other library staff.
  6. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of training and experience.
  2. Ability to learn and effectively apply basic library techniques.
  3. Ability to work with computer generated records and extract pertinent information following established library procedures.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively and courteously with library staff, University faculty and staff and the public.
  5. Demonstrated ability to follow detailed instructions.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge of the relationship of a particular assignment to the goals of the department.

Date Created: 6/85

Date Revised: 7/98