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SEBAC Rights for Nonrenewal of UCPEA End Date Appointments – Sample Letter


Department Heads must send the SEBAC notification letter within contractual time lines to end date employees in UCPEA job titles (exceptions below) whose appointments will not be renewed (Article 44).  The SEBAC letter should follow the appointment or reappointment letter within the time lines below.


  • Do not send a SEBAC letter to employees who are:
  • covering positions undergoing searches
  • filling temporary leaves of absence
  • terminated for cause, or
  • resigning their positions


If an eligible employee held an UCPEA end date position for fewer than 3 years:

  • send SEBAC letter at least 2 weeks before end date, if not being renewed.

If an eligible employee held an UCPEA end date position for more than 3 consecutive years:

  • send SEBAC letter 3 months before end date if not being renewed, or
  • send re-appointment letter 3 months before end date if being renewed (Art. 44.1).

If an employee held an UCPEA end date position for more than 4 consecutive years

  • departments must offer him/her the same or similar position, if it becomes available during 16 months after nonrenewal, conditioned upon the employee’s active notification to Human Resources.  Human Resources maintains an UCPEA “Recall List” to use before reviewing a search.


Dear ________:

I am writing to remind you that your end date appointment as a ______________ in the Department of
______________ will end on _______________, as my _________________ letter indicated.
(date)                                              (date)

Since your position is covered under the UCPEA collective bargaining agreement, the nonrenewal of your appointment may entitle you to State (SEBAC) career transition services.   The SEBAC coordinator at the Department of Human Resources will be in contact with you regarding these services.




Department Head

cc: Dean or Director
Human Resources SEBAC Coordinator
Payroll Department
Revised 12-31-2002