Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program (VSRP) – FAQs

Q. I am in a promotional working test period. If I participate in the VSRP, will the time I take as unpaid leave be counted toward completion of my working test period?
A: No. Days off which are approved under the VSRP shall not be counted toward completion of a Promotional Working Test Period.

Q. May I take consecutive partial days under the VSRP? For example, would it be permissible to reduce my hours each day from 8 to 7?
A: Yes.

Q. If I take a partial day of unpaid leave under the VSRP, is there a minimum amount of time I must take?
A: Yes. You must take at least one hour in a day.

Q. I work a Monday through Friday work schedule and I want to take every Monday as unpaid leave under the VSRP. Will I get paid for a holiday if it falls on a Monday?
A: Yes. You will be paid for the holiday as if you were not taking unpaid leave under the VSRP. You will revert back to your normal schedule for the workweek containing a holiday.

Q. I work a Monday through Friday work schedule and I want to take every Monday as unpaid leave under the VSRP. What happens when a holiday falls on another day in the week?
A: You will take your voluntary leave day on the Monday and you will be paid for the holiday.

Q. If I take an unpaid leave day under the VSRP before and/or after a holiday, will this affect my holiday pay?
A: No. Benefits are not to be diminished under the VSRP so holidays are to be paid in both of these situations.

Q. What time code should be used for unpaid leave under the VSRP?
A: The time code “UVLRP” is used for approved leaves under the VSRP.

Q. How will Alternate Retirement Program (ARP) contributions be affected by the VSRP?
A: Employees will receive full retirement service credit for the time that has been approved under the VSRP; however ARP contributions (employee and employer) will not be made for earnings that are lost under the VSRP.

Q. Is there an impact to employees in the State Employee Retirement System (SERS)?

A: Although employees in a State Employee Retirement System (SERS) pension plan will have reduced employee contributions in the periods in which VSRP time is taken, the pension benefit calculation will not be impacted.

Q. If I take leave under the VSRP now and later am required to take a furlough day, can the leave under the VSRP satisfy the furlough day requirement?
A: No. At this time, leave taken under the VSRP may not substitute for any furlough day(s) that may be required in the future.

Q. If I request and receive approval to take leave under the VSRP and later change my mind, may I rescind the request?
A: Yes and no. You may rescind your request to take leave under the VSRP provided the date(s) requested have not yet passed. You may not; however, take the pre-scheduled leave off and then rescind your request after-the-fact.

Q. I have requested and have received approval to reduce my work schedule from 8 hour days to 7 hour days. If I am absent and must charge my leave accruals, how many hours will be charged per day?
A: Seven. The benefit is that you are accruing leave time based on your schedule prior to initiating your reduced work schedule under the VSRP. However, the deduction from your leave codes is to be based on the hours of work you are missing due to your absence based on the approved (VSRP) work schedule. The same is true for any absence that is not caused by the observance of a holiday.

Q. I am in a training program (Other than Leadership Associate). Am I eligible to participate in the VSRP?
A: Yes and no. As with all employees, if you are in your initial working test period you may not participate in the VSRP. If you are not in your initial working test period, then you may participate in the VSRP provided you meet the experience and training of the target position at the end of your training program. Keep in mind if you take more than 3 leave days under the VSRP (or the equivalent number of hours), your training period will be extended by the same number of days, consistent with extensions of the working test period. Additionally, three year programs cannot be extended.