Spring 2021 CEUI/Technical Course Registration

Registration is open for Spring 2021 CEUI/Technical Courses for NP-2 Bargaining Unit members.

Courses are offered by the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System In partnership with the Connecticut Employees Union Independent.

How to Register:

1. Review the CEUI/Technical course catalog to identify courses relevant to your position.
2. Choose a course that best fits your professional or job skill development need.
3. Seek support and/or approval from your supervisor to attend the course.
4. Submit an online application form (below), or complete a hard copy application form and submit it to your department administrator.

Human Resources does not administrate the CEUI/Technical Training program, we facilitate registration and collection of fees (if necessary) for the Department of Administrative Services. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a seat in any class, nor can we provide refunds for courses in which a participant has registered but did not attend a course session(s).

Should you have questions or require assistance with registration, contact Human Resources at 860-486-3034 or vial email hr@uconn.edu.

Spring 2021 CEUI/Technical Course Online Registration Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Your supervisor will be notified of your request. Please check-in with your supervisor to ensure you can take time away from work to attend the course.
  • I certify I have discussed my application for CEUI/Technical training with my supervisor. I further certify my supervisor has approved the use of department funds (if required) to pay for the course and the time away from work necessary to attend the course.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.