Fall 2023 CEUI/Technical Course Registration Information

The Fall 2023 CEUI Technical Course catalog for NP-2 Bargaining Unit members is now available.

Registration Deadline is Friday, September 29th.

Courses are offered by the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System In partnership with the Connecticut Employees Union Independent.

How to Register:

1. Review the CEUI Fall 2023 In-service Catalog to identify courses relevant to your position.
2. Choose a course that best fits your professional or job skill development need.
3. Seek support and/or approval from your supervisor to attend the course.
4. Submit a Fall 2023 CEUI Online Registration Form.
Facilities Operations employees will be required to get additional approvals, please see Evelyn Sehl or Ryan Steinberg for your department’s application.

Human Resources facilitates member registrations for the CEUI In-service training program coordinator. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a seat in any course, nor can we provide refunds for courses in which a participant has registered but did not attend.

Should you have questions or require assistance with registration, please contact Kristine Douglin at kristine.douglin@uconn.edu or at 860-486-3034.